Beautiful Bones

Hi! I'm 25 years old, vegan, and I've had an eating disorder for 11 years, diagnosed EDNOS.

Disclaimer: This blog may be triggering.

This is not a pro-ana blog. This is my personal blog where I deal with my eating disorder through pictures, text posts, etc. This does not mean that I am promoting or encouraging eating disorders. However, I support the PERSON suffering from an ed because I can relate.

Height: 5'10"
CW: 141.2 (5/1)
SW: 159.2
HW: 165
LW: 127
GW1: 148
GW2: 142
GW3: 135
GW4: 128
GW5: 122
UGW: 120 (for now)

Please feel free to contact me with any comments or questions :)

Stay strong <3

Note: None of the photos I post are mine/of me unless otherwise stated.

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Anonymous: Hi, beautiful bones! I love your blog and am totally glad you shall be posting more lovely pics. No matter what kind of disorder I would love you anyway. Thinspiration does inspire me as I transgender from "male" to female and love being skinny! Take care, stay healthy outside & inside! ♥

Hi! Thank you :)

I think that’s really brave of you. Please take care of yourself though <3

Sorry I haven’t been on much lately- I’ve been crazy busy with work. Things are calming down now, so I’m going to be able to be on more :)